Meet the New TaxSlayer(s)

TaxSlayer, as always, is evolving. A pioneering thought and brand in its space, the company is continuing to push the envelope, creating new platforms and products. Recently, TaxSlayer rebranded to emphasize their customer-focused culture and mission: turning tax payers into tax slayers.

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Building Momentum

To bring the feel and attitude of the new brand to life, a launch video was created to give employees a first look at the revamped TaxSlayer. Upbeat, customer-focused and fresh, it helped create internal buy-in on a pretty radical departure from a beloved brand.

Knight Moves

Born before the digital revolution, TaxSlayer's logo adhered more to the laws of print, not taking full advantage of the opportunities posed by the medium of light and pixels. As online expressions of brand have become more the rule than the exception, the identity needed to be reconsidered for the digital world.

And, while we loved the knight, his style was medieval.

1990 - 2009
2009 - 2017

The New Brand

TaxSlayer's success has always depended on one thing: empowering customers. The entire enterprise is built around taking the daunting task of taxes and giving people the tools to handle them. The helmet symbol, central to the new identity, represents the TaxSlayers, the customers, who are not simply the borrowers of the sword and shield, but the foundation upon which the company is built.


The lack of an icon associated with the former TaxSlayer identity offered a big opportunity to shift the brand via the development of this asset.The new icon aligns with the personality of the company - innovative, tech-savvy, friendly and relevant.


Bringing the type into a space that better reflects the sophistication of TaxSlayer is a delicate balance of moving forward while maintaining equity. In the former TaxSlayer mark, the character with the most character was the lower case “a.” By customizing our type to mimic the distinctive breaks in this letter form, we make the new type instantly recognizable as TaxSlayer.

Logo Variants

logo icon and wordmark
logo icon and wordmark
logo icon and wordmark



Roboto Font by Christian Robertson









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logo icon and wordmark


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Tone Words

Flexibility for the Future

The new identity and its assets are built upon simple rules meant to help those who express the brand proliferate it easily. The decision to create a real deal 2 color palette takes the TaxSlayer red from being overwhelming to bold, bright and exciting.

Having fun with the brand has always been in our DNA.

Ashleigh Wilder - Director of Human Resources

We need to shine online.

Joe Edlemon - Chief Product Officer

We're bringing a new energy and focus to TaxSlayer.

Chris Moloney - Chief Marketing Officer

Cheers to our customers, the TaxSlayers.

Brian Rhodes - President/CEO